Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee has been formed to ensure the election process is duly followed.  If more than one nomination is received for each vacancy, a ballot will be held.
The Nominating Committee will:
• act as the independent committee for the election 
• ensure all those who submit a nomination are considered for election in a fair and equitable manner in line with the election framework 
• oversee the entire election process from the invitation to nominate, receipt of nominations to the final election process
• have no influence in determining the suitability of nominees, apart from ensuring their nomination is valid and that a proper democratic process is adhered to as outlined in the election framework 
• have an important mandate for the full duration of the process (including a period before and after the election).
• be given administrative and other support as required from VAO staff 
Members of the Nominating Committee:
Ally Bruce (Chair)
Sheila Garson (VAO Chair)
Steven Heddle (Orkney Partnership Board Chair)
Catherine Hughson (Voluntary Action Shetland Chief Officer)
Russ Madge (Shadow Integration Joint Board Chair)
Liam McArthur (MSP)
Gerd Peters (Scottish Health Council)
Fiona Ratter (OIC Election Manager)

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