The Prince’s Trust launches ‘Don’t Give Up - Give Back’ campaign

This January, The Prince’s Trust is urging people across the UK to give something back as part of their 2018 New Year’s resolutions by volunteering as an e-mentor for Prince’s Trust Online.
This campaign follows research carried out by The Prince’s Trust which shows that more than two thirds of people in the UK admit to having made a New Year’s resolution they haven’t kept.
The findings, based on a nationwide survey of 2,237 adults, highlight a tendency for people to give things up in January, with 62% of respondents claiming that they have tried to give something up before. However, despite their good intentions, most people who try to give things up say they usually don’t get through the month without cheating or going back to their old ways.
The results also show that although people in the UK are much more likely to try and give something up than they are to take up a new interest in the New Year, those who take something up are more likely to feel happier about their experience.
So, instead of giving something up, The Prince’s Trust is urging people to give back by volunteering as an e-mentor to support young people who have signed up to its online learning platform, Prince’s Trust Online. The initiative, which launched in July 2017, enables young people to benefit from The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme, even if they can’t attend in person because of where they live, or their personal circumstances.

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