Scotland is leading the world in sign language recognition

It is an exciting and interesting time for British Sign Language (BSL) and for those who speak this language in Scotland. The British Sign Language (Scotland) Act 2015 placed a duty on public bodies in Scotland – both national and local – to set out how they will provide access in British Sign Language and promote this full, proper and now legally protected language.

This will be done through BSL plans – a national plan for national public bodies and authority plans for local public bodies.

BSL, as the name suggests, is used in Britain only; other countries across the globe have their own indigenous sign languages with their own associated histories. However, not all sign languages are recognised as BSL has been – there are varying degrees of recognition in different parts of the world. Sign language is has constitutional recognition in Kenya, parliamentary in England and Spain, governmental in a Australia, and Scotland now has its own specific legislation.




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