The Disclosure Scotland Bill has recently been published and the Education & Skills Committee at the Parliament is seeking views on it.

Disclosure Scotland and the processes around Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) will be familiar to most people in the third/public sector. The Disclosure (Scotland) Bill will make changes to the system of criminal record checks which is administered by Disclosure Scotland. 

The Education and Skills Committee are scrutinising this Bill and wants to hear from anyone who has experience of the PVG scheme and the disclosure system in general.

The Online Call for Views can be found HERE and is open for responses until 20th August 2019. More information on the Bill itself can be found HERE

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New research highlighting the complexity of the lives of people facing multiple disadvantage in Scotland was launched earlier this week.

Commissioned by Lankelly Chase and The Robertson Trust and authored by Heriot-Watt University, Hard Edges Scotland also details the challenges that charitable services and the public sector are facing. In particular, the report illustrates the mismatch between the multiple disadvantages people face and the fact that services are often set up to address ‘single issues’. 

While Hard Edges Scotland does not attempt to provide answers, it does highlight the opportunities and need to engage in conversations which can lead to system and structural change. With this in mind, Lankelly Chase is making £80,000 available to communities and organisations across Scotland to encourage new conversations about severe and multiple disadvantage. This is a chance for people to connect and reflect on what the findings are telling them about inequality, service responses and policy. 


There are also a range of resources availble in this Dropbox folder, including infographics, photos and highlighted quotes.

View the report here

Any incorporated charity, C.I.C. or company limited by guarantee will be affected by these changes. Which are seeking to address

-accuracy of information held at Companies House

 -abuse of personal information on the register

 -misuse of UK registered entities as vehicles for economic and other crime

The 4 main themes covered are:

  • Knowing more about who's setting up, managing and controlling companies
  • Improving the accuracy and usability of data on the register
  • Protecting your personal information on the register
  • Improving the detection of possible criminal behaviour

Respond to the corporate transparency and register reform consultation by 5 August 2019.

They really would welcome your views on the 4 main areas covered.


The Trust is currently accepting applications to its Main Grants programme for charitable work that support its principal areas of interest:

  • Tackling child abuse.
  • Visual impairment.
  • Neurological conditions .
  • Medical research (into the causation, prevention, or treatment of neurological conditions, visual impairment or sight loss).
  • Animal welfare.

Registered charities that are based in or operating in Scotland and whose main focus is aligned with the Trust's charitable objects may apply. There are no restrictions on the size of the charity that can apply for funding but the Trust will take account of a charity’s level of reserves when assessing applications.

Approximately £3 million is awarded in grants every year as:

  • Small Grants - up to £15,000 available throughout the year.
  • Main Grants - grants of more than £15,000, with an average award of around £30,000 for the lifetime of the award. These are awarded twice a year.

The funding can be used for:

  • Revenue or capital costs.
  • Project funding or core funding.
  • One-off awards.
  • One-off or multi-year awards for up to three years (main grants only).

Small grant applications can be made at any time.

There are two deadlines for Main grant applications each year - the end of March and the end of September.

The next deadlines for Main grant applications are:

  • 23 September 2019 for Child Welfare, Medical Research, Visual Impairment & Sight Loss and Neurological Conditions.
  • 9 March 2020 for Animal Welfare.

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