Diabetes Scotland are working to raise awareness, improve care and provide help, support and information for people with diabetes and their families in Scotland.

The Orkney branch will be holding a street collection in Kirkwall on the 15th July. They have various collection points and lots of 1 hour slots still to fill so any offers of help would be gratefully accepted.

If you are interested in helping out could you contact Rob McGregor on 872 897 or robert.mcgregor@vaorkney.org.uk 


Funding available form Nationwide here

VAO are taking this opportunity during Volunteers Week to highlight some of the truly inspiring work being done by some of Orkney’s young volunteers. Please follow the links to see how Kayla, Finn, Ingrid and David are making a difference in their community. 


View the Volunteer Surveys below by Finn, David, Kayla and Ingrid.

Finn McGill here

David Bird here

Kayla Bruce here

Ingrid Gauld here  


VAO are taking this opportunity during Volunteers Week to highlight some of the truly inspiring work being done by some of Orkney’s volunteers. Each day this week we will highlight one of Orkney’s unsung army of volunteers. Today we are featuring Roy. Please follow the link to see how Roy is making a difference in his community. 

Volunteer Survey by Pat here 


We are delighted to announce that the new Scottish Government Families and Communities Fund will open for applications on Thursday the 6th of June at 9.30am and invite organisations to sign up for a place at an information session (dates below, sign up today!).

The fund will run from April 2020 to March 2023, with up to £16m being available per annum. The funding is targeted at registered Scottish charities (that are also a company limited by guarantee or a SCIO) which deliver work of national significance.

The Families and Communities Fund will support the delivery of activities which contribute to improved outcomes for children, young people and their families through:

  • Delivery of prevention and early intervention
  • Providing parenting and family support
  • Supporting development of, and maintaining positive healthy relationships
  • Contributing to positive and sustained support for children and young people to achieve their potential under the Getting it right for every child wellbeing indicators (safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible, included)
  • Preventing adverse childhood experiences and providing trauma-informed support to people affected.

And to support Community Learning and Development (CLD) through:

  • Prevention and early intervention through youth work and adult learning and community capacity building
  • Support to, and delivery of, lifelong, lifewide, learner-centred adult learning
    • Using asset-based approaches to work with young people, adult learners or with communities to plan and co-design learning or capacity building opportunities.

    The full criteria for the fund along with guidance about the different aspects of it is available at https://www.corra.scot/grants/families-and-communities-fund/

    There are four information sessions:

    • Glasgow on Tuesday 18th June at 1.30pm
    • Dundee on Monday 24th June at 1.30pm
    • Edinburgh on Wednesday 26th June at 1.30pm
    • Webinar on Thursday 27th June at 2.00pm

    Organisations that think they fit the fund criteria can book a place at one of these using the link on Corra Foundation’s website.

    Key dates for the fund:

    • Applications to the fund will open on Thursday 6th June at 9.30am. The online application form will be available on Corra Foundation’s website from this time
    • Applications must be received by 2pm on 24th September 2019. Only online applications received by this time will be accepted
    • We expect to be able to let everyone who has applied know the funding board’s decisions in mid-December 2019. We will contact every organisation individually to let them know whether they have been successful
    • The funding will start in April 2020.

    All applications must show a direct link to at least one National Outcome in Scotland’s National Performance Framework. The five National Outcomes that are most relevant to this Fund are:

    • We grow up loved, safe and respected so that we realise our full potential
    • We live in communities that are inclusive, empowered, resilient and safe
    • We are well educated, skilled and able to contribute to society
    • We respect, protect and fulfil human rights and live free from discrimination and we tackle poverty by sharing opportunities, wealth and power more equally.

      If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us

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