The Befriending Service trains and supports volunteer befrienders to help older people (aged 60 or over) live more independent lives in their own homes and to have better social connections with their community, friends and family.  We offer older people the opportunity to take part in a range of practical activities which will ease their social isolation, help maintain their independence and make living at home easier.

These range from

  • preparing/planning for meals
  • shopping trips
  • planning household budgets
  • paying bills
  • collecting prescriptions
  • socialising in their community

Or it might be that all that's needed is just having someone to talk to, to share memories and interests, or to reignite enthusiaism in a favourite hobby.  Activities and support will depend on each individual's needs and preferences.

We also plan to develop activities within local communities, working with community halls and lunch clubs to expand our Group and Intergenerational befriending sessions to help isolated older people reconnect with others in their communities.   


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