Jane's Case Study

When Jane was referred to the Adult Befriending Service, she was in quite a desperate place.

Her initial assessment, which helps to show how a person is feeling, showed that Jane felt isolated, had little self confidence and couldn’t see a way out of the situation she currently found herself in. When she was asked if there was aspects of her life which she would hope to improve through contact with the befriending service she replied

"My health and I hope I feel less isolated, as at the moment I feel that the walls are closing in….”

Jane was matched with a volunteer befriender who had been recruited and trained by the befriending service. In determining a match we try to ensure that both the volunteer and the befriendee have similar interests and hobbies, and as far as possible they will ‘click’ and get on. This is a formal friendship but getting the right match is so important we try our best to get it right. Activities which Jane had requested were to get out and about and be less socially isolated. During the match, Jane enjoyed trips to local charity shops, museums, having a coffee and a cake and going out for long walks with her befriender. Over time Jane’s confidence started to improve. She began to go out on her own, and started to mix with her local community. At Jane’s next review she was asked the same questions again – those she’d been asked at her initial assessment, and the change was remarkable. Jane’s confidence and self esteem had improved remarkably so much so that it was felt that the service could withdraw. A really positive outcome!

The really great ending to Jane’s story is that Jane herself is now volunteering. In fact she’s volunteering with two organisations. Because of her contact with the befriending service, Jane is now a more confident, positive, forward thinking individual, who is participating in and contributing to her local community. A real success story

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