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Befriending is a unique kind of intentional friendship between a young person and a trained volunteer. It’s a friendship built on shared interests, compatibility, mutual respect and trust. Together the young person and befriender spend time trying out new activities, introducing each other to their own favourite hobbies and interests, and getting to know one another. This helps the young person grow in confidence and self-esteem, helps them to learn coping strategies to deal with the tough stuff young people can face, and helps them to feel valued and valuable. The key role of the Befriender is to offer a consistent and steady support to the young person whilst they have fun taking part in a variety of activities together

Please click here to read our Befriender Role Description.

Who does the Project Support?

Our young people come from many different walks of life, some of them are referred to us because they are finding school difficult, are struggling with social anxiety, or are isolated socially. Some are struggling at home or living with a disability that has resulted in social isolation, and others might be finding the separation of their parents difficult, or struggling with the effects of a family members drug or alcohol use. And others may just be at a stage in life when they need a little more support.
Anyone can refer a young person to the Project (between the ages of 8 - 18), as long as they have the explicit consent of the young person and their main carer. 

Please click here to download a Referral Form, or email Hannah or Morgan if you'd like to discuss a referral further. 

Why Volunteer as a Befriender?

Just like our young people, our volunteers come from all different walks of life. We simply ask that you be over 18, have 2-3 hours to commit to Befriending each fortnight, be friendly, kind and reliable, and be excited about the prospect of supporting one of our young people.

We offer our own Training Programme to help you learn more about the Project, and to feel ready and raring to go!

Here are a few reasons why we think Befriending is a great volunteering opportunity:

1. It’s Fun - We make each match with fun in mind! Befriending works best for everybody when you are having a good time.

2. You get to do the fun stuff FOR FREE - We cover all Befriending expenses so that you’re never out of pocket. This includes the activities that you take part in, and your travel expenses.

3. You get to help people - Watching a young person come ‘out of their shell’, or gain the confidence to try new things, or pick up new hobbies is a reward in itself. Our Befrienders get to watch this happen in the lives of the young people they work with on a regular basis.

4. You become part of a mini-community - Many of our Befrienders join us because they want to meet other like-minded people, and many of them stay with us for years. To say thank you for all the time and commitment our volunteers give us, we have regular lunches, dinners and catch-ups together.

5. You make a positive change in your life- Whether you want to make a career change, get experience working with young people in a supportive role, or just want to change what you do with your spare time, Befriending could well be right for you!

To be a Befriender you need to be 18
& be a kind & caring person.
And then...
• We will train you.
• We match you with the right young person
• We pay for the activities you do together (both of you)
• We support you throughout the match

Want to take the next step? 

Simply tell us

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Or, if you would rather contact us, feel free to ring Hannah or Morgan on 872897 for an informal chat to find out more about how befriending could help you.

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