Case Study

When Chloe first met Megan, Megan was a shy and wary young girl of 8 years old. Megan's mum wasn't able to get out and about much, so Chloe planned to help Megan experience new activities and visit different places. she also hoped that over their time together Megan would become more confident and sure of herself and would come out of her shell a little more.

Together they have taken part in lots of activities. They have been walking along some of the coastline near Megan’s house, they have visited some local landmarks like Skara Brae and some of our museums, they have been baking and cooking together, they have visited the cinema, the library and a local farm, they have started some craft activities like making puppets and Christmas crackers, they have visited some local cafes for lunch and cakes, and they have begun writing and illustrating a story together.

Over the last 17 months Chloe has seen some of the hopes she had at the beginning of her time with Megan coming to fruition. Megan is now much more comfortable and relaxed when out on outings with Chloe. She has become a lot more verbal and curious and is starting to ask questions and engage far more in conversation. Her body language has improved and she now engages in eye contact far more than previously.
Through her conversations with the Co-ordinator, Megan has spoken of how much she enjoys her time with Chloe. She has rated their time together as 10 out of 10 and spoken of how much she appreciates Chloe and the activities they share together.

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