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Orkney’s Integration Joint Board, Orkney Health and Care, is looking to get people in the community involved in planning and designing health and social care services.
Orkney Health and Care is looking for people who are users of health and social services, those who are carers for others, and representatives of third sector groups, to take part in discussion along with people who work in health and social care services around the county, in what is described as ‘localities’.
The newly formed board will be planning at a locality level, speaking to people on the mainland of Orkney, both east and the linked south isles, and west, and also on the isles, and is looking for people who are willing to be representatives of their ‘locality’.
Caroline Sinclair, Chief Officer for Orkney Health and Care, said: “We are keen to get people involved in the decisions that are made for health and social care services in Orkney.  Our vision for integration is to ‘provide better health and social care for all people in Orkney. We want to listen to people, involve them in deciding what care they receive, and invite them to become an active partner in the delivery of care. We firmly believe that this will lead to better outcomes for people, so that they can enjoy better health and wellbeing in their own homes and communities for longer’.
“We would encourage people from across Orkney to apply to become a representative so that they can share what issues matter to them, their families and their communities, and so we can find out what residents think services and support could look like, and communities, working with health and care services, can contribute to providing this.”
The representative would work with a range of partners within the locality group and provide valuable local information and insight for the Strategic Planning Group, the key planning group that feeds into the Integration Joint Board.  The role of a representative is voluntary with reasonable travel costs available. Individuals must complete a nomination form by the specified closing date of July 31.  Where more than one person stands for a representative role a ballot will be held and those expressing an interest will be asked to vote.
Third Sector and service user representatives have been appointed to the Strategic Planning Group and the Integration Joint Board but carer representatives for both these groups are also being sought. For more information on that role, please email Olivia Tait at Crossroads Orkney.
If you would like to have a chat about a role, get more information or apply, please get in touch by calling 01856 872897 or email

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