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We are building a network for people who've experienced health and social care in Orkney. The network will be called the Orkney Peer Network. Everyone is invited to become a member of this network as long as they are resident in Orkney and have experience of receiving health or social care services in the county.  
To ensure everyone can take part, regardless of where they live in Orkney, there will be a virtual, internet based side to the Orkney Peer Network.  This will be used to inform members about new developments, allow them to participate in discussions and share their ideas and experiences, become part of improvement initiatives and take part in other activities from the comfort of their own home. People who have limited or no access to a computer and internet connection can still take part by opting to receive information by other means (i.e. by post or by phone). 
Recognising the importance of face to face contact between fellow Orkney Peer Network members, and between Peer Network members and Orkney Health & Care Board members and staff, there will be occasions when members meet in person, for example to discuss individual services, provide feedback about their experience of a service, for learning events and for similar activities.   To ensure everyone is aware of the right opportunities for them, members are asked to provide contact details and identify their personal area(s) of interest on the membership registration form for the Orkney Peer Network. 
The Orkney Peer Network will be administered by Voluntary Action Orkney with support from the Scottish Health Council and Community Planning Partners.   Membership is free and the information you provide (contact details) will be kept secure in accordance with data protection legislation. Should a member wish to do so, they can terminate their membership of the Orkney Peer Network at any time.  
For more information on the Orkney Peer Network please contact enquiries@vaorkney.org.uk or call 01856 872897.

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