Children's Hearings Scotland - Volunteer Learning Development Co-ordinator Needed

The Orkney Area Support Team (AST) are looking to appoint a Learning and Development Co-ordinator (LDC) to support and promote panel member
development at a local level. LDC's are required to conduct an annual learning and development analysis and use this information to develop a
programme of local development sessions. In addition, LDC's assist with the recruitment process, arrange visits to local resources and assist with local
recognition of panel members. You will be required to work closely with CHS training unit. As a LDC you must have experience of
working with volunteers.

Applicants must be aware of the legal frame work of the Children's Hearing System and understand the role of the Panel Members. You must be able to demonstrate the following: Excellent interpersonal, organisation and communication skills; Ability to foster good working relationships; Impartiality; Excellent problem solving skills; Solution focused; Experience of effectively working along side paid staff and volunteers and a good understanding
of the differences. Applicants must be over 18.

 Please contact Rob McGregor at VAO on 872 897 if you are interested in this opportunity.

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