Medical Detection Dogs are looking for people with a talent in and a love of photography to help them.

They have events taking place in your local community and need your help to capture them for their social media platforms and website. You would also support them by taking images of clients, dogs and volunteers for their magazine which is published twice a year.

They are also seeking passionate and creative writers and editors nationwide, who can assist their clients and volunteers tell their stories for the magazine (which is published twice a year), by conducting interviews as well as writing portfolios and features.

If you have a big heart and understanding, enjoy writing/blogging and want to help MDD raise awareness through your word about their life changing work, no matter how much or little time you can contribute, they would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in either of these opportunities please contact Rob Mcgregor at VAO on 872 897.


Conscientious and committed people are wanted to serve as Children's Panel members. There are two broad categories that a child or young person may be referred to a hearing; (i) Care and protection (where the welfare of the child or young person is causing concern), and (ii) offence (where they are believed to have committed an offence).

 Each hearing has 3 panel members and there must be a mix of men and women. The child must remain the main focus of the hearing. Before each hearing, panel members are sent reports and papers relating to the child or young person. Thorough preparation is required by reading the papers to ensure they are fully informed as to the circumstances and reasons why that child has been asked to a hearing.

 Panel members must decide whether compulsory measures of supervision are needed to help improve the lives of those children and young people and, if so, what they should be.

 All panel members must complete the national training programme.  Part of this consists of 7 national training days which will take place in Inverness or Aberdeen (expenses are covered).rt of this consists of 7 national training days which will take place in Inverness or Aberdeen (expenses are covered).

 If this is the sort of volunteering you would like to be involved in please contact Rob McGregor at VAO on 872 897 for more details.


BASICS Scotland are looking for volunteers to play ‘casulties’ for certain trauma simulations, as part of training course for Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics. You’ll be required on Sunday 8th Oct from 8.30am to 4pm. Lunch, refreshments and travel expenses provided.

BASICS Scotland run Pre-Hospital Care Courses that are designed for Doctors, Nurses & Paramedics who work or have an interest in working in the pre-hospital field.
They are running a Pre-Hospital Care Course at the Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall and on the last day of the course (Sunday 8th Oct) they will be running some Trauma Simulations that they would require 4 volunteer casualties for.
The volunteer “casualties” would be required on the Sunday 8th Oct, from approx. 8.30am – 4.00pm and they would require to bring warm, waterproof outdoor clothing and suitable footwear as there will be some of the simulations outside with casualties lying on the ground.
Lunch and refreshments will be provided during the day and BASICS Scotland will also pay reasonable travelling expenses if required.

If you are interested in this, please get in touch with Rob McGregor at VAO on 872897 or email


The Clan shop are short of shop staff at the moment and would be very pleased to welcome volunteers who could cover the following shifts.

Tuesday afternoon (1pm-4.30pm) within the back shop, which involves sorting donations/pricing etc, this area needs someone who is fairly confident and who doesn’t need supervision.

Wednesday morning (10am-1pm) A similar volunteer, someone who is looking to work with clothing/pricing and is also fairly confident.

Thursday morning (10am-1pm) As above, someone willing to sort through donations and work in the back.

These are the shifts that volunteers are needed for most urgently.

Clan could also really do with volunteers who are willing to work on the till, as they often need to cover shifts when people are on holiday.

If you think you would like to work iin the Clan shop (as seen on BBC television!) and fit the above criteria please contact Kayleigh on 873 393 for a chat.

Volunteering in Birsay

The Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute are pleased to announce the first set of dates for the various exciting activities over the next few months in and around the Palace village area of Birsay. The full list can be found on the Mapping Magnus information page on our blog: 
They also have an information point in the foyer of the Birsay Hall. There you can find project information, dates and find out about the results so far. They will also post regularly on their blog. 
The next activity for this month starts this week:
Village survey. 25 & 26 August
Record and survey the upstanding archaeology in and around Palace Village, Birsay. Learn survey techniques with Dan Lee from the Archaeology Institute.
Where? Meet at Palace village car park opposite kirk. 
When? 10am – 3pm
Anyone interested in taking part can book their place now.
Contact Mary Connolly on 569 225! 
Volunteers can go for a few hours or for the whole day. Good luck! 

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