UHI Archaeology Institute - Cataloguing and Archiving Volunteer

The Orkney Sites and Monuments Record Office holds the paper and photographic archive of archaeological and heritage sites ion the county. This includes a card in-dex system and corresponding maps, additional files with information relating to sites, and box files which contain papers, articles and other
Specific details of opportunity:

 Work with the Regional Archaeologist to improve cataloguing and searchabil-ity of records

 Number shelves and box files

 Creating a catalogue of box file contents in an Access database.

 Ordering and sorting other records held.

UHI Archaeology Institute - Post Excavation Finds Processor

Archaeological fieldwork produces a wide range of artefacts (flint, stone, pottery, animal bone etc.). Some of this material need to be washed prior to specialist analy-sis. Finds processing involves handling finds, familiarisation with artefacts, careful cleaning in water, air drying, re-bagging and labelling. This opportunity is ideal if you want to get some hands on experience with archaeological material.

Specific details of opportunity:

 Washing finds

 Air drying finds

 Re-bagging finds

 Labelling bags / packing in archive boxes

 Sometimes, an inventory maybe required

HOST UK - Cultural Exchange Christmas Host

Give the gift of Christmas! Hundreds of adult international students studying in the UK will be facing a lonely Christmas on a deserted University campus. You can welcome one or two students into your home for four days at Christmas, learn about their culture, show them your local area and traditions, and invite them to experience your own home life.



Volunteer hosts invite students to visit for a few days at Christmas so the student can experience ‘real’ Britain, away from university and heavy tourism, and so the host can meet new people and learn about diverse cultures from around the world.

Choose how many people you invite (individuals, pairs or families) and if you would like to meet someone from a specific country. Students and hosts will be matched on interests and availability by a Regional Organiser (RO) who will also help you sign up.

There are no specific expectations from a host visit, other than the student should be made to feel part of your family for the short time. Hosts can show their local area, visit friends, attend local events, or just spend time chatting. This is not a tourism opportunity for the student and hosts are not expected to act as ‘tour-guides’.

So, if you’d like to enjoy an unusual and rewarding activity, meet new people and travel the world on your sofa, get in touch with HOST.

Hosting is also available during weekends throughout the year.

Sew and Knit for young and old. - Volunteers required

VAO Adult Befriending are looking for 1-2 volunteers who would be able to help out at the Knit and Sew sessions aimed at bringing primary school children and older people together to learn to sew/knit.

You would be fully supported in this role and it is a great opportunity to meet new people and have fun!

Sewing/knitting skills an advantage but not necessary at all. 3 sessions will be held on Monday 24th, Wednesday 26th & Friday 28th October from 130pm-330 pm.

Kirkwall venue to be confirmed.



NHS Orkney - Patient Support Volunteer

  • Work alongside and complement clinical staff providing care and social support.
  • To provide meaningful support and stimulation based on individual patient interests. This can include chatting, reading and reminiscing with patients, involving them in craft activities, encouraging food and fluid intake, going for short walks and generally providing companionship.
  • To support orientation within the ward area
  • Dementia Volunteers can assist patients completing the ‘Getting to Know me’ document.
  • The Dementia Volunteers will also interact with families and carers and help signpost them to the right services and support where appropriate.
  • This post is suitable for 18+ volunteers and supported volunteers will be able to take part in small group activities.

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