To help with a weekly games group for older adults to be run on Thursday afternoons. The volunteer will help with teas, coffees and games. The games will include indorr bowls, boccia, quiots and skittles. There will also be board and card games.

Orkney Libraries are looking for volunteers to run  Yap & Yarn sessions in Kirkwall and Stromness libraries. The sessions run on alternate Mondays from 5-7pm from October to March. Two volunteers each are needed for Kirkwall and Stromness. Knitting/Crocheting experience is essential.
Duties are: • Start at 4.45pm • Prepare teas/coffees • Set up for session • Assist group members with their projects as necessary • Share new ideas • Wash up cups and tidy up at end of session to finish by 7pm • Liaise with library staff members - Karen Walker and Heather Balfour -who will also provide support

Police Scotland Youth Volunteers (PSYV) is a uniformed youth organisation designed to provide a safe environment in which young people can learn as individuals, develop positive relationships with the police and actively support their local community.

The aims of PSYV are as follows:

  • Promote a practical understanding of policing amongst all young people.
  • Encourage a spirit of adventure and good citizenship.
  • Support local policing priorities through volunteering and give young people a chance to      be heard.
  • Inspire young people to participate positively in their communities.


Adult volunteers are needed to help support the young people in their volunteering.

Adult Volunteers are responsible for the day to day supervision of Youth Volunteers.

Adult volunteers will receive full training and support before taking on the role.

To lead a team of volunteers to ensure that all areas of the Orkney Foodbank are run efficiently and to a high standard, in accordance with The Trussell Trust franchise model and statutory


  • Provide Foodbank Board with regular reports on the activity of the foodbank
  • Bring to the attention of the Foodbank Operational Group, in the first instance, any concerns regarding the day-to-day operation of the Orkney Foodbank

Trussell Trust compliance

  • Ensure that all foodbank processes and procedures are followed as per The Trussell Trust Foodbank Operating Manual

Orkney Foodbank & Volunteers

  • Coordinate the volunteer team at the foodbank
    • Organise the volunteer rota and flag up any shortages to the Foodbank Operational Group
  • Train volunteers to undertake responsibilities within the foodbank and to meet the relevant legal requirements
  • Develop and maintain suitable signposting resources in conjunction with the Operational Team to assist foodbank volunteers in pointing clients to other local agencies for further support
  • Deal appropriately with any physical or verbal aggression from clients or any other issues, recognising that the Orkney Foodbank has adopted a Zero Tolerance and Mutual Respect approach
  • Ensure that the foodbank is a safe space for all clients and volunteers, that safeguarding procedures are understood and implemented, and client confidentiality respected
  • Facilitate a brief team meeting for foodbank volunteers at the beginning and end of every foodbank centre session and maintain an information board
  • Monitor health and safety at the Orkney Foodbank and maintain records of accidents and “near misses”

Food store & supplies

  • Monitor stock levels at the foodbank centre(s) and liaise with stock room assistants to request re-supply of food and other provisions, as required


  • Ensure all completed red vouchers and packing lists are handled discretely, stored securely, and passed on regularly to the Data Co-ordinators for entering onto the data collection system


The Foodbank currently operates Tuesday and Friday 12 noon to 2pm

An enthusiastic volunteer needed to liaise with local community groups/organisers to discuss various arrangements (route changes, fundraising, medals/certificates, etc);


 Advertise run series and arrangements (including any press coverage, photography arrangements, etc);


 Ensure adequate volunteers are in place on competition days to deal with; timekeeping, marshalling, registration, etc;


 Ensure entry fee payments balance with registration details and forward monies to Treasurer; and


 Liaise with Communication Co-ordinator regarding run result press coverage.


They should have good organisational and communication skills and IT knowledge.

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